At the start of this years Ultimate Fighter there was a little surprise.  There  is no fight-in this year, all the fighters that walked into the gym would all make it into the house.  The fighters jumped right into a workout for the two coaches, Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos.  Brock is more into working the guys out to see where their cardio is at, while Dos Santos takes them into the octogon to look at fight skills.  Brock also asks questions one on one with the guys, while Dos Santos says he can't do that because of the language barrier.  Fighter Myles Jury tweaks his knee but it doesn't seem serious.  Both coaches have a number 1 pick in mind when the workouts are over.  Lesner wins the coin toss and takes first choice of fighter, giving Dos Santos first fight selection.  Brock's first pick is Len Bentley, and he follows up with Charlie Rader, Myles Jury, Anthony Ferguson, Chris Cope, Clay Harvison, and Nordin Asrih.  Dos Santos's first choice is Shamar Bailey, followed by Ryan McGillivray, Ramsey Nijem, Javier Torres, Zach Davis, Keon Caldwell, and Mick Bowman.  The newly formed teams move into the house and seperate by team.  Team Brock takes the upstairs and Team Dos Santos takes the downstairs.  In the first training session Dos Santos checks his team's conditioning to see who is ready to fight.  In Lesnar's first session Myles is taken into the office and told he has a torn ACL from his earlier knee injury.  Chuck O'Neil is brought in as a replacement for Team Lesnar. 

Dos Santos's first fight choice is Team Dos Santos #1 pick Shamar Bailey vs. Team Lesnar #7 pick Nardin Asrih.  The training leading up to the fight shows Asrih as a pure striker and even the coaches say that he swings wildly and that knockouts are his skill.  Shamar is shown training takedowns and is talked about by his coaches as being a great wrestler.  The tale of the tape shows Nordin as the taller fighter but Bailey has a 6 inch reach advantage. 

Round 1:  They don't touch gloves.  Asrih swings and Shamar takes him straight to the ground ending up in side control.  Nordin is able to to get back to his feet but is quickly taken back down.  Bailey is standing up looking to throw bombs on his downed opponent.  He throws a few elbows and that's the round.  Shamar laid on top the whole round and clearly won, but no real damage was done.

Round 2:    Nordin throws a high kick right out of the gate and Shamar capitalizes and quickly jumps on top and moves to mount.   Nordin bucks and gives up his back, but is able to end up in a sprawl and pull a guillotine.  The submission attempt fails and Bailey is able to move into side control and then into mount.  Shamar spends some time in mount but isn't able to do any real damage.  He wins round 2 because, again, he spends most of the round on top. 

The first fight of The Ultimate Fighter 12 has Team Dos Santos' Shamar Bailey defeating Team Lesnar's Nordin Asrih by desicion.  Dana White was about as impressed with this fight as I was saying, "Round one: Shamar Bailey lays on top of him for five minutes. Round two: lays on top of him for five minutes. Not the most exciting fight you will ever see in 'Ultimate Fighter' history."

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